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Deadlifting for Low Back Pain

Have you been experiencing low back pain for months, maybe years, to no avail? If so, deadlifting may be a good option! You may be thinking, WAIT, won’t deadlifting make my back pain worse? 😳🤔 I commonly see injury and/or pain with the deadlift, when performed with improper form and/or too high of a load. It’s important to note there is also a risk with under loading. What if the reason your back hurts, is because you’re weak? We deadlift allll day with activities around the house - lifting kids, laundry, lawn work, etc. Once you improve your deadlift/hinge technique then load it, it’s game over 👾...all those daily activities will be a walk in the park 💁🏽‍♀️

🔬Research has shown that specifically, posterior chain 🍑 resistance training, improves pain, disability, and quality of life. Many studies have intentionally looked at deadlifting training and have found the same results 🏋🏽‍♀️💪🏽.

🎯Above are a few ways to perform the deadlift. If you have never performed deadlifting as an exercise before, hip hinging with a PVC pipe/broomstick/whatever you have is a great place to start for technique. You can gradually increase the load with any of these variations.

🚨While, these videos provide deadlift examples, if you are experiencing low back pain, I HIGHLY suggest getting an assessment from a movement professional you trust to assist you along the way.

🤝 Share with a friend who has low back pain!

🤝 If you have been experiencing low back pain and need some assistance getting back to the activities you love versus avoiding them altogether, we are here to help at Process Physical Therapy and Performance! Schedule a free 30-minute consultation TODAY. E-mail or call us at 301-531-5347.

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