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3 Ways To Help Your Jumper's Knee (Pain)

Recently, I’ve met many basketball players who have been experiencing knee pain 😫. Their specific knee pain is commonly diagnosed as “Patellar Tendinopathy (tendon injury)” or “Jumper's Knee.” This is super common with an increase in training or change in demand of the 🦵🏽knees🦵🏽. Many youth athletes have transitioned from school hoops ➡️ travel ball (multiple games in a weekend) + some form of basketball training and/or strength training. This ⬆️ in jumping/running and activity can lead to irritation 😖 of the patellar tendon.

If you’re still in season and experiencing knee pain with jumping, running, and change of direction, give LOADED isometrics a try! The love language of our tendons is LOAD. So if you’ve just been resting😴, it’s time to get on your 👣! Loaded isometrics have been found to provide a ⬇️ in symptoms, that can last up to 45 minutes post 🤯🤯(Ebonie Rio et. al 2015). Be mindful of symptoms when rehabbing from any form of tendon irritation. Listen👂🏽to your body. We want to try and limit symptoms to < 5/10 (see scale). Symptoms during or after activity will indicate if the activity was too much or not. We’re looking for just the right amount of load #Goldilocks 🐻🍯.

🎯Here are my 3 go-tos for Jumper's Knee. Give it a shot and let me know how you do!

  1. Wall Sits

  2. Spanish Squats

  3. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

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