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**Currently mobile visits and phone consultations are not available for self scheduling. Please create an account, then contact our staff to schedule. 



Process Physical Therapy and Performance is an out of network provider and do not directly accept insurance. 

Current insurance re-imbursement rates lead to companies seeing more than one patient at a time and/or seeing patients for shorter periods. Process values your treatment, recovery, and time. I believe you deserve better quality and care. Insurance should no be in control of your care or determine how many visits you should have. 

By not allowing insurance to control your care, you will require less visits and may spend less money if you take into account co-pay, deductibles, and extra visits.   



I can provide you with a super bill that will provide proof of your appointment and all of the information needed to submit for reimbursement. 

Additionally, you should be able to locate forms for reimbursement claims on your insurance's website. You can send these forms in with the provided super bill. Reimbursement is dependent upon your insurance plan.